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Jawa Technologies is a company  specialising in the underground installation of large loose tube fibre optical fibre cable and the of installation of "Air Blown Fibre". Jawa technologies offers an end to end optical fibre installation service Installation, terminating and testing. All equipment used including fusion splicers and testing equipment is Telco grade and calibrated.

Jawa Technologies uses several methods to install large size cables into underground conduits. A more detailed description of this is on the "Services" page. Jawa Technologies' employees are qualified as per the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA) requirements.



What is Air Blown Fibre and Why Use it?

The first questions when planning a new network is what type of fibre and how much? Air blown fibre creates cash flow savings, is 100% future proof and provides the basis to creating the ultimate bandwidth solution to carry high speed data with capacity to spare.

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Product of Choice

Emtelle is a product of choice for Jawa Technologies

Future Proofing Technology

Air Blown Fibre ensures future proofing because it safely prepares for the future rather than riskily trying to predict it.

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