Future Proofing

The phrase future proofing describes the exclusive process of trying to anticipate future developments, so that action can be taken to minimise possible negative consequences. Air Blown Fibre is a technology which ensures future proofing because it safely prepares for the future rather than riskily trying to predict it.

Predicting the Future

Generally, the way people ensure future proofing against potentially obsolete technology in the future is to use open and well-documented formats, standards and specifications while avoiding closed proprietary formats, which will hopefully lessen the risk of their technology (and hence, data) becoming obsolete. Future-proofing a network by installing additional fibre optics may be a solution, but it is impossible to predict exact bandwidth requirements years out, especially during a time when more voice, data, and video applications are rapidly being added to the IP network. There are two major financial risks associated with running additional stretches of fibre optics. Installing too much fibre will result in wasted dollars for a product that will never be used, and installing too few fibres will lead to expensive retrenching and installation costs. You can’t predict the future.

Prepare for the Future Instead

Air-Blown Fibre technology offers the ability to properly scale a fibre optic infrastructure immediately, while preserving a pathway for future changes and upgrades. By providing a "fibre on demand" technology, network moves, adds, or changes can be made at a fraction of the labor cost of trenching and pulling traditional fibre optic cable. Thus, you don't have to forecast add-ons, moves, and changes, other than the normal practice of installing backbone network or ring network tube bundles containing more cells than initially required. You can accommodate network reconfiguration and growth by reconfiguring or extending tube bundles from the nearest tube distribution unit, blowing additional fibre through vacant tube cells, or replacing existing fibre bundle count with a larger quantity.