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Air Blown Fibre (ABF) Services

  • Installation
  • Network Design
  • Product Selection
  • Fault Diagnosis
  • Fibre Splicing & Testing
  • Project Management
  • System Auditing & Reports

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  • Jawa Technologies uses several methods to install large size optical fibre cables into underground conduits. 
  • The traditional winching method, using a four wheel drive mounted captain winch with pull tension guages to ensure correct pull tension is maintained through out the entire winching process. 
  • Jawa Technologies also employes "Cable pushers and high pressure Blowers" for installing large size underground cable, if the underground infrastructure is suitable.
  • "Water Jetting" is a recent and exciting method to install optical fibre cable for extended distances (up to eight kilometers) with no cable joints and fibre counts typically are twenty four to ninty six fibres under the one sheath. This method uses pre-installed micro-ducts usually with spare micro-ducts for future use.


Recent Projects completed by Jawa Technologies

Working for a Civil contractor, installed micro-ducts for "Water Jetting" and Air Blown Fibre" for the Transgrid Holyroyd Substation to Rookwood Substation underground optical fibre links and DTS monitoring (2013-2014). Following the installation of the miro-ducts Jawa Technology used the "Water Jetting" method to install several 48 core single mode and a 30 core compositie optical fibres linking the two substations. Jawa Technologies after the installation of the fibre, terminated the fibre into the fibre cabinets and tested all the fibre with an OTDR and Light Source and Power Meter. As there were extra micro-ducts installed, Transgrid have future proofed the substation link, as a future installation of optical fibre cables between these two substations will only take a couple of days rather than weeks or possible months of digging in a new underground service. On this same project Jawa Technologies used the "Air Blown Fibre" method to install the DTS monitoring fibre for the underground power feeders between the two substations.

Typical development phases of a project:

  • Project initiation stage;
  • Project planning or design stage;
  • Project execution or production stage;
  • Project monitoring and controlling systems;
  • Project completion stage

Jawa Technologies can assist or work in collaboration with other parties in any or all of these various stages.